This name represents not only the beauty-enhancing makeup products, but also the exclusive woman, which has made these products able to reach the world.

Jane Iredale is the founder of Iredale Mineral Cosmetics. It is a woman whose dream was to create skin-enhancing makeup, and the most important thing is that this dream became real. In 1994, jane iredale started with a single product, the Amazing Base, still one of the most popular products. This base was immediately loved by dermatologists, cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. Customers also got inspired. They appreciated the masking capabilities of this makeup base, the ability to soothe the skin, and give it a flawless look.

Clean beauty. Powerful results.

Currently, the brand reaches women of all ages and nationalities. Brand values are based on the belief that makeup is the best when it is not overwhelmed to meet the latest trends, but it reveals the natural beauty of a woman, allowing her personality to glow. All the products are created thinking about comfort, quality, health, and impeccable results.

Keep up with our latest posts and learn more about the products, ingredients, and the history of jane iredale .

If you are interested in testing jane iredale products, feel free to contact us for any further information, or book a free JI makeup consultation that will help you chose the right products.

Trendy look after wedding

We want to make it easier for you to enjoy the morning after the wedding. We’ll show you how to quickly transform different hairstyles and how to create fresh make-up with just a few products.

Brides morning

We will introduce you to the trends of seductive lingerie, while you will be enjoying our tasty breakfast. After we will discuss features of the boudoir photo session.

JI Beauty event

We absolutely love jane iredale makeup products and we can’t wait to share this brand with you! Join our event to know more about the brand, products and new trends. We promise you an easy makeup tutorial and a quick practical lesson. Book this event and prepare to enjoy this time with us!

Romantic photo shoot

Not only will we help you to create a stunning image, to match tasty clothing, but also we will advise you how to choose the right date and place for the photo shoot. Besides, we’ll introduce you to the basics of posing.

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