Beauty residence in Italy ..

No matter where in the world we are, our home where our heart is, where we feel and are welcome!

It’s quite difficult to fit Dammos description in one sentence, as well as it’s hard for us to fit in only one country.  We are happy to share with you our activity and places we visit while we are working in Lithuania.  Meanwhile we invite you to follow our adventures in Italy! We are proud to introduce you an amazing spot in Turin..

Farmacia Algostino & Demichelis | Turin

Like all the wonderful things, this amazing, historical pharmacy has emerged unexpectedly. We could not hide the pleasant fascination that grew with every second of the visit. Each detail raised our curiosity. Although the rooms are not large, they are full of history and culture. Not surprisingly, the pharmacy has opened the door at a similar time, as an impressive Piazza Vittorio Square was built (1825-1830 according to the Giuseppe Frizzi project). Farmacia Algostino & Demichelis was founded by dr. Algostino, whose family still owns a pharmacy. Pharmacy premises expanded in the 1980s, when they were supplemented by the Binfa perfumery area which was next door to the pharmacy. This part has strongly attracted our attention, because it’s a charming corner full of beauty products.

However, empty walls are rarely interesting, it’s people who give the value to all the places. Current host of these historically beautiful locals is dr. Mario Gallo, who, with great devotion and concern, takes care about the family tradition. Just the way how he responds about this place makes you understand how precious it is to him. He proudly invited us to go inside, he showed us the main pharmacy space filled with antique furniture and details, also invited us to the laboratory. The real miracles are born behind the walls of the pharmacy. That’s where dr. Mario Gallo has created the exclusive cosmeceuticals line GAELIS, whose main mission is to combine high quality and effective ingredients turning them into an exclusive care product.  Although these are only the first steps of collaboration between Dammos and Farmacia Algostino & Demichelis, our heart feels that we can call this place a temporary home in Turin.

If you are planning to visit this amazing city, be sure to check our schedule. It’s very likely to find us at this address. Do not forget to pre-register for services!


Prenota Ora

Beauty residence in Lithuania ..

Places we want to call home ..

We often say that Dammos is the home of free, creative spirits. And while we do not have the studio in which we can settle for a long time, we are excited to discover new, though temporary spaces. At the moment, Dammos is developing activity between Lithuania and Italy. To introduce you to our temporary residence, in following posts, we will present our main studios in Vilnius and Turin.

Metamorfozė | Vilnius

We believe that nothing happens for no reason and that all the people we meet come into our lives with some mission. The founders of Metamorfozė studio only confirm this statement. It all began when one of them contacted us for a make-up, after a friend recommended our service.  At that time we were looking for a space where we could start our Brides project. After finding out that girls were working in a wonderful space, we immediately decided to visit the studio.

The meeting was cozy, pleasant and very sincere. We were impressed by the space of their creative home and the aura that filled it. Metamorfozė is a studio in which two charming women Irena and Božena give old things and furniture the opportunity to enjoy a new life. Both of them are fulfilled with the passion for creation and beauty. But this is not the only thing connecting them. They are also proud of their strong, sincere friendship. It is important that all their actions are based on a sincere wish to share the beauty of their art.

Every time when we visit their studio, new, beautiful items immediately grab our attention and raise the curiosity. The smell of paint, many beautiful elements and this indescribable good emotion makes you feel like home. After the first bridal meetings we arranged there, we can confirm that not only do we like it there, but also our guests. We hope that we will be able to enjoy this space more and more often.

If you wish to visit the Metamorfozė studio, do not hesitate, sign up for our events in Vilnius. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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