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The last bite as a bachelorette

When the most important day of your life comes - every detail matters, and that includes the last bite you would take as a...

Pearls – synonym of eternal love

Although Greek mythology mentions that pearls are the tears of the gods and sometimes people identify them with a negative symbol, it is much...

Lilac, 2020 bridesmaids trends

We all have our favorite color that looks good on us and cheers us up. But there are few that can complement different skin...

Beauty residence in Italy ..

No matter where in the world we are, our home where our heart is, where we feel and are welcome! It's quite difficult to...

Preparing for the photoshoot

Why it's worth preparing for the photoshoot? At first glance, it seems that the most important thing is to smile sincerely and that is...

jane iredale

This name represents not only the beauty-enhancing makeup products, but also the exclusive woman, which has made these products able to reach the world....

Perfect dress for your body type

All the body types are beautiful but at the same time all are totally different. Check some tips  for choosing the right wedding dress.

Bridal Shoes

Sometimes choosing the right shoes can get as hard as choosing the right man. But there is one perfect rule that suits for both...

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