This name represents not only the beauty-enhancing makeup products, but also the exclusive woman, which has made these products able to reach the world.

Jane Iredale is the founder of Iredale Mineral Cosmetics. It is a woman whose dream was to create skin-enhancing makeup, and the most important thing is that this dream became real. In 1994, jane iredale started with a single product, the Amazing Base, still one of the most popular products. This base was immediately loved by dermatologists, cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. Customers also got inspired. They appreciated the masking capabilities of this makeup base, the ability to soothe the skin, and give it a flawless look.

Clean beauty. Powerful results.

Currently, the brand reaches women of all ages and nationalities. Brand values are based on the belief that makeup is the best when it is not overwhelmed to meet the latest trends, but it reveals the natural beauty of a woman, allowing her personality to glow. All the products are created thinking about comfort, quality, health, and impeccable results.

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