Places we want to call home ..

We often say that Dammos is the home of free, creative spirits. And while we do not have the studio in which we can settle for a long time, we are excited to discover new, though temporary spaces. At the moment, Dammos is developing activity between Lithuania and Italy. To introduce you to our temporary residence, in following posts, we will present our main studios in Vilnius and Turin.

Metamorfozė | Vilnius

We believe that nothing happens for no reason and that all the people we meet come into our lives with some mission. The founders of Metamorfozė studio only confirm this statement. It all began when one of them contacted us for a make-up, after a friend recommended our service.  At that time we were looking for a space where we could start our Brides project. After finding out that girls were working in a wonderful space, we immediately decided to visit the studio.

The meeting was cozy, pleasant and very sincere. We were impressed by the space of their creative home and the aura that filled it. Metamorfozė is a studio in which two charming women Irena and Božena give old things and furniture the opportunity to enjoy a new life. Both of them are fulfilled with the passion for creation and beauty. But this is not the only thing connecting them. They are also proud of their strong, sincere friendship. It is important that all their actions are based on a sincere wish to share the beauty of their art.

Every time when we visit their studio, new, beautiful items immediately grab our attention and raise the curiosity. The smell of paint, many beautiful elements and this indescribable good emotion makes you feel like home. After the first bridal meetings we arranged there, we can confirm that not only do we like it there, but also our guests. We hope that we will be able to enjoy this space more and more often.

If you wish to visit the Metamorfozė studio, do not hesitate, sign up for our events in Vilnius. We are looking forward to meeting you!