Bridal morning

The bride

It’s a pleasure when you are able not only to create a look for the bride, but also lead her on this beautiful day. This bride was one of the kind.. So was the morning of her wedding. It all begun when she stepped into Style me studio in the morning of 2018.04.28 together with her mother. It was amazing not only because she is my friend, but also because she is a person who really knows how to enjoy every moment. After some friends joined us we all floated in the mood of celebration.

I am quite proud to say, that this bride’s look was created by me from head to toes.. Yes, we created the dress and I need to admit, it was an amazing adventure, Together with Agnieszka (the bride), we not only enjoyed the process but also the result. After we decided what makeup and hair would suit for this look, and finally on the morning of the wedding we were able to see the final look, it was an inspiring moment. After the finishing touches, our beautiful bride was ready to make her big step ..


Style: Mažena Giedrytė

Pictures: Gabr Alex

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