Little things make big difference


It was all about good mood, beautiful location and perfect team work. I remember that day before the photoshoot. At first we choose the right spot in the middle of this beautiful place called Trinapolis. It was summer, so the weather was perfect, grass was green and all the nature was looking more fresh than ever. At first we made a test, we built the tent, and grab all our decorations. It was looking great! Next day, we repeated all the steps, but that time, we also added some action. From early sunday morning we started preparing the models, also before we took the clothes from the Tally Weijl store. After all was ready, photographer joined our party.

We love to take care of all the details. From your look through the surrounding to the little sweets, you might taste. Not only we like to organize photoshoots, but also small events and parties. Our passion is to make some little dreams get real. This time our final result was posted in the most popular Lithuanian wedding magazine Vestuvės.lt  , isn’t that a dream coming true?

As always.. nobody felt like working. We just had an amazing day in the middle of woods.. surrounded by nature and cute little things.. all was so comfy  and adorable, the atmosphere was truly girly. After we also added some sweets, and finished this beautiful adventure with a smile. i still remember this little sparkles in the eyes of all the girls.. incredible, it actually made my heart melt faster than our little sweets..

Clothes: Tally Weijl ; Style, decor : Mažena Giedrytė; Photographer: Gabr Alex; Models: Sandra Direikaitė, Gabrielė Keinaitė,  Make-up: Mažena Giedrytė; hair: Diana Šalcė; Sweet art: Truskawka Patisserie

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