Fashionable sensuality

Its in the eyes.. always in the eyes

Story behind ..

This photoshoot has a nice background story.. While wondering how to improve my portfolio I received an unexpected message on instagram from a talented photographer Bernardo Gasparini. Yes, it was simple, he just decided to make a nice photoshoot while staying here in Vilnius, and I was lucky to join the team. I adore unexpected coincidence.. situations like this just show how beautiful things are born. We didn’t need too much of long preparation or dealing, we just made it happen.

Bernardo is already somewhere around the world, but I’m still glad to watch the pictures that keep reminding me this adventure. Not only I met amazing people, created the look I liked, but also I felt being a part of something that could inspire. You do not need too much, to start creating, start with the idea, and feel free to ask others to join you!


Creative team:

Photographer: be.gasparini  Make-up / hair: Mažena Giedrytė   Model: @gie_ccino @balticmodels

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