Pearls - synonym of eternal love

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Although Greek mythology mentions that pearls are the tears of the gods and sometimes people identify them with a negative symbol, it is much more often said that they symbolize eternal love, innocence and loyalty.

It is also said that they symbolize wisdom and provide protection to those who adorn them. In ancient times, pearls were considered a symbol of love and strong marital ties. They had to not only favor harmony, but most importantly, prevent any misunderstandings. To this day, pearls reflect elegance and luxury, and women feel special when wearing them.

For brides who have chosen a mermaid-type dress, a long pearl necklace would suit. A satin dress with a V-neckline, open back would look especially charming. A gorgeous and modern solution is to decorate your back with jewelry.


The heart-shaped neckline will be perfectly complemented by an elegant pearl necklace or a delicate chain with an exclusive pendant. In this case more noticeable earrings would look wonderful and slightly more ornate, especially if the shoulders are exposed, then they would give the image exclusivity and character.


For those who want a subtle accent or for those whose dress is quite ornate, it is worth choosing modest, barely noticeable stud earrings. A princess-type dress would go well with small pearls in the ears that would be revealed by an updo or a bun.


While most brides crave the best and most luxurious on their wedding day, it’s not worth worrying if you don’t plan on buying a real pearl necklace, you can still add elegant accents to your image. Natural pearls are very rare, they form naturally and are classified as a luxury item. The value of artificially grown is 10 times lower, but they are also charmingly shining and adorned. Synthetics are more suitable for disposable decor, but not for the role of long-lasting expensive jewelry.


But nowadays, we can find many charming accessories with imitation pearls or jewelry made of fake pearls that are ideal for a party, photoshoot, or even a wedding celebration. Let’s not forget pearl jewelry and other accessories – brooches, decorated clutches, or hairpins.

After all, the most important thing is what emotion jewelry gives us and how subtly it complements our image!


Kisses, M.

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