The last bite as a bachelorette

When the most important day of your life comes – every detail matters, and that includes the last bite you would take as a bachelorette.

The morning of the wedding can be hectic and nerve-wracking, but at the same time, it is exciting and charming. The preparation for those final steps towards the altar can be a long one – the hair, the makeup, the dress, the something borrowed, the something new… In situations like these, all that is really need is something sweet.

Before saying the final “yes” a light bite is a must, but what should it be? We believe that cupcakes are always a good idea, but eating a generously frosted delight with a lipstick already on is a risky business. Cookies are lovely, but the special day requires something more decadent. So there’s a need for something rich, expensive, bright and small. The answer is quite simple – macarons!

Little almond meal and meringue-based cookies with different fillings come in many colors and flavors. What to choose – traditional vanilla or chocolate, or opt for the more extravagant Earl Grey tea or yuzu macarons? That is absolutely for the bride to decide – it’s the flavor that will lead her to her new life.

Make that morning sweet!

Macarons & text : Julija Božičkaitė

Tulle. Perfect for the wedding look

I believe that life is always better with a closet full of TULLE and shiny things.

But why tulle fits so well for the wedding?


First of all, it’s worth mentioning that the veil is actually the oldest part of the bridal ensemble that dates back to ancient times. During the decades’ veil was often made from tulle. Till now tulle is one of the most popular fabrics chosen for the veil. One of the most loved is the Bridal illusion tulle, which is barely visible and gives a very gentle and romantic touch. It is also often used in hair decorations that are a modern version of the veil.


How many of you dreamed about being a princess or a ballet dancer? Somehow I believe that all of us had that girly moment with a huge tulle skirt in our imagination. Luckily it’s never too late to make these dreams real! Modern trends show us how tulle can be transformed and in how many beautiful ways your skirt can be designed. From a full princess gown to a flattering boho dress.. Ending up with a trendy, short ballerina version.


Though we all agree that white is quite a bridal version, it’s often missing a tiny bit of colour. Tulle allows you to choose a very gentle or bleached tone, especially if you like pastels. Dreamy peach, baby pink, ecru, Vanille, or barely visible lilac are made for tulle outfits. One more thing.. If you are planning to have bridesmaids at your wedding, they will definitely love the idea of colorful tulle outfits that will look gorgeous on all the pictures!


Though the first look that jumps into your mind might be romantic, lovely, and very gentle.. Don’t get mistaken. Tulle has its edgy side too. Heavy shoes, punky mood, leather jacket.. and? Yes, you got it – TULLE skirt! What could be a better outfit to jump over a motorcycle, run in the fields, or dive into the sea? Feel the freedom and reveal your wild nature. No rules, no limitations, just your dreams coming true.

Still wondering if it’s worth choosing the tulle? Take a look at my fav tulle outfit gallery here, it might change your idea.


Hugs & kisses,


Pearls – synonym of eternal love

Although Greek mythology mentions that pearls are the tears of the gods and sometimes people identify them with a negative symbol, it is much more often said that they symbolize eternal love, innocence and loyalty.

It is also said that they symbolize wisdom and provide protection to those who adorn them. In ancient times, pearls were considered a symbol of love and strong marital ties. They had to not only favor harmony, but most importantly, prevent any misunderstandings. To this day, pearls reflect elegance and luxury, and women feel special when wearing them.

For brides who have chosen a mermaid-type dress, a long pearl necklace would suit. A satin dress with a V-neckline, open back would look especially charming. A gorgeous and modern solution is to decorate your back with jewelry.

The heart-shaped neckline will be perfectly complemented by an elegant pearl necklace or a delicate chain with an exclusive pendant. In this case more noticeable earrings would look wonderful and slightly more ornate, especially if the shoulders are exposed, then they would give the image exclusivity and character.

For those who want a subtle accent or for those whose dress is quite ornate, it is worth choosing modest, barely noticeable stud earrings. A princess-type dress would go well with small pearls in the ears that would be revealed by an updo or a bun.

While most brides crave the best and most luxurious on their wedding day, it’s not worth worrying if you don’t plan on buying a real pearl necklace, you can still add elegant accents to your image. Natural pearls are very rare, they form naturally and are classified as a luxury item. The value of artificially grown is 10 times lower, but they are also charmingly shining and adorned. Synthetics are more suitable for disposable decor, but not for the role of long-lasting expensive jewelry.

But nowadays, we can find many charming accessories with imitation pearls or jewelry made of fake pearls that are ideal for a party, photoshoot, or even a wedding celebration. Let’s not forget pearl jewelry and other accessories – brooches, decorated clutches, or hairpins.

After all, the most important thing is what emotion jewelry gives us and how subtly it complements our image!

Kisses, M.

Picture source: Pinterest

Lilac, 2020 bridesmaids trends

We all have our favorite color that looks good on us and cheers us up. But there are few that can complement different skin tones and look gorgeous on every type of body. One of these colors is LILAC 

Though it might look like it’s a very specific color, remember it has a wide range of tones to choose from and could be mixed with some dusty blue, grey or pink tones. This color will definitely help the bridesmaids look lovely and graceful. Also it will let the bride stand out of the crowd.

If you have some doubts, feel free to try on some of the nice budget dresses you could find in the shop that’s easy to reach at any shopping mall. You never know, maybe one of these dresses could accompany you not only to the friend’s wedding but also for the rest of that hot summer!


This stylish satin dress is perfect for the hot summer. Styled with some massive accessories could look stunning at every kind of party. Meanwhile paired with sandals would be irreplaceable in your vacation luggage. 

Shop the look 


If the wedding is less official and gives guests the opportunity to feel comfortable  – she is the one. Elegant, yet sporty.. Perfect for outdoor parties, or chillin ‘at the rooftop! Style it up with some fancy sneakers and go dancing all night long. 

Shop the look


Did someone mention BOHO?

Well, this dress could be the perfect match. Oh, that lovely midi length and gorgeous yet subtle ruffles.. And let’s not forget the puffy sleeves. This dress follows all the 2020 fashion trends! Imagine long wavy hair, pinned with some lovely wildflowers..finishing the look with few pairs of subtle necklaces and a dozen of bracelets. Brilliant.. 

Shop the look


This is what I call a satin dream.. Such an elegant and gentle dress. Just imagine how gorgeous it should look with long fancy earrings, trendy clutch and that pair of your favorite high-heeled shoes. That’s a YES for me.

Shop the look


Dreaming about that traditional, elegant and simple look? I believe there is a perfect choice from H&M with the sweetheart neckline wrapover .. the perfection that is more than affordable!

Shop the look


If that party is going to be hot, take a look at this nice & short version. If you already have the elegant look for the ceremony, but you are afraid that long dress might kill the party vibe – consider having an extra one to change. 

Shop the look


This pleated long dress is something you should consider if you want the traditional version that would suit a lot of girls. Curvy or skinny, any kind of body could feel good in it! Cap sleeves will cover the arms, meanwhile, the V neckline would elongate a bit the figure.

Shop the look


And last but not the least is the romantic off the shoulder dress in pleated chiffon. Lovely, perfect for any kind of outdoor celebration, suitable for different body types, looks gorgeous with massive earrings or noticeable necklace. Also think about using some massive flowers in your hair or accessories!

Shop the look

Shop in the name of love! Or at least enjoy the fitting.. 

Regards, M.

Beauty residence in Italy ..

No matter where in the world we are, our home where our heart is, where we feel and are welcome!

It’s quite difficult to fit Dammos description in one sentence, as well as it’s hard for us to fit in only one country.  We are happy to share with you our activity and places we visit while we are working in Lithuania.  Meanwhile we invite you to follow our adventures in Italy! We are proud to introduce you an amazing spot in Turin..

Farmacia Algostino & Demichelis | Turin

Like all the wonderful things, this amazing, historical pharmacy has emerged unexpectedly. We could not hide the pleasant fascination that grew with every second of the visit. Each detail raised our curiosity. Although the rooms are not large, they are full of history and culture. Not surprisingly, the pharmacy has opened the door at a similar time, as an impressive Piazza Vittorio Square was built (1825-1830 according to the Giuseppe Frizzi project). Farmacia Algostino & Demichelis was founded by dr. Algostino, whose family still owns a pharmacy. Pharmacy premises expanded in the 1980s, when they were supplemented by the Binfa perfumery area which was next door to the pharmacy. This part has strongly attracted our attention, because it’s a charming corner full of beauty products.

However, empty walls are rarely interesting, it’s people who give the value to all the places. Current host of these historically beautiful locals is dr. Mario Gallo, who, with great devotion and concern, takes care about the family tradition. Just the way how he responds about this place makes you understand how precious it is to him. He proudly invited us to go inside, he showed us the main pharmacy space filled with antique furniture and details, also invited us to the laboratory. The real miracles are born behind the walls of the pharmacy. That’s where dr. Mario Gallo has created the exclusive cosmeceuticals line GAELIS, whose main mission is to combine high quality and effective ingredients turning them into an exclusive care product.  Although these are only the first steps of collaboration between Dammos and Farmacia Algostino & Demichelis, our heart feels that we can call this place a temporary home in Turin.

If you are planning to visit this amazing city, be sure to check our schedule. It’s very likely to find us at this address. Do not forget to pre-register for services!


Beauty residence in Lithuania ..

Places we want to call home ..

We often say that Dammos is the home of free, creative spirits. And while we do not have the studio in which we can settle for a long time, we are excited to discover new, though temporary spaces. At the moment, Dammos is developing activity between Lithuania and Italy. To introduce you to our temporary residence, in following posts, we will present our main studios in Vilnius and Turin.

Metamorfozė | Vilnius

We believe that nothing happens for no reason and that all the people we meet come into our lives with some mission. The founders of Metamorfozė studio only confirm this statement. It all began when one of them contacted us for a make-up, after a friend recommended our service.  At that time we were looking for a space where we could start our Brides project. After finding out that girls were working in a wonderful space, we immediately decided to visit the studio.

The meeting was cozy, pleasant and very sincere. We were impressed by the space of their creative home and the aura that filled it. Metamorfozė is a studio in which two charming women Irena and Božena give old things and furniture the opportunity to enjoy a new life. Both of them are fulfilled with the passion for creation and beauty. But this is not the only thing connecting them. They are also proud of their strong, sincere friendship. It is important that all their actions are based on a sincere wish to share the beauty of their art.

Every time when we visit their studio, new, beautiful items immediately grab our attention and raise the curiosity. The smell of paint, many beautiful elements and this indescribable good emotion makes you feel like home. After the first bridal meetings we arranged there, we can confirm that not only do we like it there, but also our guests. We hope that we will be able to enjoy this space more and more often.

If you wish to visit the Metamorfozė studio, do not hesitate, sign up for our events in Vilnius. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Preparing for the photoshoot

Why it’s worth preparing for the photoshoot?

At first glance, it seems that the most important thing is to smile sincerely and that is enough for beautiful photos. However, the end result depends on many things. Of course, if you choose a trustworthy photographer whose style is close to your, you will not be disappointed, but it is much more fun for photographers to work when everything is thought through to detail.

Things to note:

  •  Time of the day
  •  Photo session location
  •  Time needed for a photo session
  •  Time needed for preparation
  •  And of course, your look! that contains makeup, hair and clothes

Proper preparation leads to a good result

It is also very important to discuss the idea and stylistics with the photographer beforehand. Use images to make communication easier. Find at least a few examples of photos you like to describe mood, style, location, and time of day (especially when shooting outdoors). Knowing where and when a photo session will take will make it easier to adjust your image.

Don’t underestimate your style in any way. Keep in mind that the outcome of the photo session depends on clothing and accessories. Not only to take into account seasonality, but also to evaluate the scenario of a photo session. If possible, it is useful to prepare several different clothing sets. It is worthwhile to consult the photographer or the stylist beforehand so that you can dress up properly.

Remember, it is very important to take care of your face and hair, and this applies not only to girls.  Keep in mind that we are not talking about evening make-up or an impressive hairstyle. It is important that your face would look fresh, the shade would be even, and the hair would not seem to be messy. The best option is to entrust this task to professionals who really know how to help you. A well-prepared face and hair not only improves the image, but also facilitates the photographer’s work. It will take him less time for retouching, which results in a significant increase in the likelihood of getting pictures as early as possible. If you are interested to get more useful tips, we invite you to take part in our event for brides ( and all who are interested )

Romantic photoshoot

Not only will we present stylish combinations for different scenarios of a photo session, we will help you to plan your photo shoot properly, but we will also share posing tips! Get ready, relax and enjoy every moment of the photo session!

We hope you enjoyed our post! Feel free to share your opinion in comment section

Best wishes,



jane iredale

This name represents not only the beauty-enhancing makeup products, but also the exclusive woman, which has made these products able to reach the world.

Jane Iredale is the founder of Iredale Mineral Cosmetics. It is a woman whose dream was to create skin-enhancing makeup, and the most important thing is that this dream became real. In 1994, jane iredale started with a single product, the Amazing Base, still one of the most popular products. This base was immediately loved by dermatologists, cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. Customers also got inspired. They appreciated the masking capabilities of this makeup base, the ability to soothe the skin, and give it a flawless look.

Clean beauty. Powerful results.

Currently, the brand reaches women of all ages and nationalities. Brand values are based on the belief that makeup is the best when it is not overwhelmed to meet the latest trends, but it reveals the natural beauty of a woman, allowing her personality to glow. All the products are created thinking about comfort, quality, health, and impeccable results.

Keep up with our latest posts and learn more about the products, ingredients, and the history of jane iredale .

If you are interested in testing jane iredale products, feel free to contact us for any further information, or book a free JI makeup consultation that will help you chose the right products.

Perfect dress for your body type

All the body types are beautiful but at the same time all are totally different. Check some tips  for choosing the right wedding dress.

Bridal Shoes

Sometimes choosing the right shoes can get as hard as choosing the right man. But there is one perfect rule that suits for both – listen to your heart!

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