The last bite as a bachelorette

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The morning of the wedding can be hectic and nerve-wracking, but at the same time, it is exciting and charming. The preparation for those final steps towards the altar can be a long one – the hair, the makeup, the dress, the something borrowed, the something new… In situations like these, all that is really need is something sweet.

Before saying the final “yes” a light bite is a must, but what should it be? We believe that cupcakes are always a good idea, but eating a generously frosted delight with a lipstick already on is a risky business. Cookies are lovely, but the special day requires something more decadent. So there’s a need for something rich, expensive, bright and small. The answer is quite simple – macarons!

Little almond meal and meringue-based cookies with different fillings come in many colors and flavors. What to choose – traditional vanilla or chocolate, or opt for the more extravagant Earl Grey tea or yuzu macarons? That is absolutely for the bride to decide – it’s the flavor that will lead her to her new life.

Make that morning sweet!

Macarons & text : Julija Božičkaitė

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