I believe that life is always better with a closet full of TULLE and shiny things.

But why tulle fits so well for the wedding?


First of all, it’s worth mentioning that the veil is actually the oldest part of the bridal ensemble that dates back to ancient times. During the decades’ veil was often made from tulle. Till now tulle is one of the most popular fabrics chosen for the veil. One of the most loved is the Bridal illusion tulle, which is barely visible and gives a very gentle and romantic touch. It is also often used in hair decorations that are a modern version of the veil.


How many of you dreamed about being a princess or a ballet dancer? Somehow I believe that all of us had that girly moment with a huge tulle skirt in our imagination. Luckily it’s never too late to make these dreams real! Modern trends show us how tulle can be transformed and in how many beautiful ways your skirt can be designed. From a full princess gown to a flattering boho dress.. Ending up with a trendy, short ballerina version.


Though we all agree that white is quite a bridal version, it’s often missing a tiny bit of colour. Tulle allows you to choose a very gentle or bleached tone, especially if you like pastels. Dreamy peach, baby pink, ecru, Vanille, or barely visible lilac are made for tulle outfits. One more thing.. If you are planning to have bridesmaids at your wedding, they will definitely love the idea of colorful tulle outfits that will look gorgeous on all the pictures!


Though the first look that jumps into your mind might be romantic, lovely, and very gentle.. Don’t get mistaken. Tulle has its edgy side too. Heavy shoes, punky mood, leather jacket.. and? Yes, you got it – TULLE skirt! What could be a better outfit to jump over a motorcycle, run in the fields, or dive into the sea? Feel the freedom and reveal your wild nature. No rules, no limitations, just your dreams coming true.

Still wondering if it’s worth choosing the tulle? Take a look at my fav tulle outfit gallery here, it might change your idea.


Hugs & kisses,